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1,5h is better

Stage, lights, voice-overs: it's all here

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players PER ROOM

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the game

Welcome to the Original Quiz, where the pressure's off and the fun's on! Take trivia games to a whole new level, just like you see on TV, with games lasting between 1 to 1.5 hours.

Various pop cultures
: international culture, Australia, Canada, Belgium Quebec, France, and soon...Italy. The Original Quiz suits you well !

Experience three rounds of pure excitement, each with its own set of rules and plenty of jokers to spice things up. Keep your opponents on their toes by strategically playing your jokers at just the right moment, or steal their points with a well-timed move!

Anything can happen until the last second!

Be prepared for crazy fun, a few surprises and plenty of laughs.

No need to be a trivia expert to join in the fun!
Our diverse formats and themes ensure there's something for everyone, whether it's completing movie lines, guessing music groups, or identifying personalities in photos.

quiz topics

Compose your quiz with at least 1 of these 6 themes. We recommend taking a mix of all for more fun!
By creating your "player profile" before the session, the questions will be adapted to suit your age and interests.

If you want to make any changes, talk to your Quiz Master. The Original Quiz game is available in English, French, Flemish.





NEWS & society

top of the class

The loudest voice does not always win

Forget everything you think you know about music quizzes! Take a traditional music quiz and sprinkle in some strategy, mini-games, jokers, and surprises for the ultimate music trivia challenge.

You don't need the loudest voice to win. The buzzers even everything out! Name that song, hit that note, or burst into song, all you have to do is buzz in for the win!

The Music Quiz is a game for everyone, whether you prefer rap, pop, rock, or oldies, think you know nothing about music or are a professional cover artist - there's something for you! The music starts playing, and players swiftly make their selections to identify the correct artist and song. Whether you're into retro classics or the latest hits, you can pick your preferred music eras!

Find songs from all over the world : international culture, Canada, France, Australia, Quebec, Belgium, and soon... Italy !

Music Quiz themes

In the Music Quiz, you can choose your musical era - below are the options divided into 20 year periods for more fun.
Why not trust yourself and include all the eras - after all, you're a music expert! But feel free to skip any time period that doesn't make you want to dance as much!

The Music Quiz is available in English, French and... Flemish !

50s - 60S

70S - 80s

90S - 00S

2010S - 2020S

quiz room for kids AGES 8-12!

Bring your kids on a TV set.
Excitement guaranteed.

quiz room kids

On set, the kids (8 -12 years) can go wild and make as much noise as they like!
Amber, our friendly voice-over quiz master will guide them to score, think and play their jokers at just the right time!

Animals and Humans

Cartoons and TV Shows




And more

how does it work ?

Book online or request a quote for groups > 18 people

Create your online player profile

Arrive 10 mins early on the day and join your Quiz Master to prepare

Enjoy 1 hour or 1.5 hour of laughter and fun (2 or 3 games)

Debrief with a drink (optional) and review the scorecard

special events

a special event to celebrate ?

We provide a diverse array of event options suitable for any occasion !

kids & teens

Need a fresh concept to engage your group of kids or teens?

During summer or public holidays, kids don't want to hear about school or learning anything and we get that!

We offer a quiz game that is playful and accessible for every kid.

Team building that
is sure to be a hit

Looking for a unique team-building activity to foster collaboration and spark conversation?

Quiz Room offers an exceptional experience for team building and corporate events. It's the perfect way to build team spirit, round off a day of meetings, or simply reward your team's achievements! Book a single Quiz Room or a trivia tournament for up to 100 people and more! We are a licensed venue with catering available. Whatever your corporate needs, we got you covered!

What's up doc? got any question for us?

How do you create quiz' questions?

It's all about micro-dosing! First of all, choose the topics, themes and subjects you'd like to ask your guest about: is it a music quiz, a Disney quiz, a TV show quiz, a quiz about crystals and magic or about science...? Then make it fun! We know how to do so here at Quiz Room...

Is Quiz Room quiz games for all?

We welcome friends, families, colleagues and dates' crush!
You can be 8 years old or 88 (make it 108 these days) it doesn't matter! It's not about general culture and I.Q it's about how you play the game.
Everyone can laugh out loud, enjoy the immersive experience and just go with the flow, lights and wild cards!

How is Quiz Room really immersive?

Enter the Quiz Room and the lights and music hit you. It's like a TV set but better! Remember Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? Add a dash of easy going vibe a huge dose of fun, 4 buzzers to squeeze like a maniac, amazing questions and crazy trump cards and you get the Quiz Room experience!

How many quiz games can we choose from?

For now Quiz Room offer 3 quizzes. The O.G. (The Original Quiz), The Music Quiz and the Quiz Room Kids the OG but for 8-12 y.o that want to enjoy and have fun like grown-ups but with adapted questions and options. We update the questions and answers throughout the months to be up to date and trendier that you IG's most famous influencer!
Psst! More quizzes are adding up each semester for more fun, laughters and infinite immersive experience. What's next?

Is Quiz Room available in Arabic?

Not yet! But... we are working on it.
In the mean time you can choose for different cultures: French, Belgium, Swiss, Canadian, Australian or International.
We offer our 3 same quizzes translated into French and Flemish also! Only for cool kids.