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Our original one-of-a-kind trivia game packed with a wide range of themes, rules that change every round and a variety of trump cards and traps you can set.
Think you know all about music? Wait until you experience our Music Quiz.
Name that song, hit that note, and burst into song as you buzz in for the win!

Our original one-of-a-kind trivia game packed with a wide range of themes, rules that change every round and a variety of trump cards and traps you can set

Do you prefer music trivia? Wait until you try our Music Quiz!

If you can name that tune, if you can hit that note, just burst into song and get buzzing.

in brief

4 - 18 players per room
(3 rooms or 54 players available)

1 hour or 1.5 hours
(2 or 3 games)

13 years and over
(Quiz Room Kids from 8 to 12 yo)

how does it work ?

Book online or request a quote for groups > 18 people

Create your online player profile

Arrive 10 mins early on the day and join your Quiz Master to prepare

Enjoy 1 hour or 1.5 hour of laughter and fun (2 or 3 games)

Debrief with a drink (optional) and review the scorecard

The best XMas party in town

Choose your game, select your party and organise the best Christmas event for this season!

Get ready to rock out to all the Xmas clichés that make an epic EOY party.
Quiz or music quiz, add an event space, catering, a drinks package and sleigh all the way through lifetime memories this December!

team building that's sure to get everyone talking

Looking for a unique team-building activity to foster collaboration and spark conversation?

Quiz Room offers an exceptional experience for team building and corporate events. It's the perfect way to build team spirit, round off a day of meetings, or simply reward your team's achievements! Book a single Quiz Room or a trivia tournament for up to 100 people and more! We are a licensed venue with catering available. Whatever your corporate needs, we got you covered! Available in English, French and Flemish... for now!

International success

Laura F.

Our work team had such a great experience! Very accommodating and well run. Positive feedback was said by all. Thanks so much for having us !

Nicholas P.

Recommended! Im hard to be pleased but this game room was fun!!! Will be back. Olivier was amazing.


Awesome experience - cool entertainment all round even for those who aren't good at trivia ! Thanks BEN ! BEN was awesome

top scores

in australia


les bogoss
370 pts


MalikAa et Jo
288 pts


The Champz

you ask a lot of questions

Do we say quiz or quizz?

I promise, this question won't be on the QUIZ! But thanks to Quiz Room, you'll know that Quiz is spelled with just one Z. And you'll also discover why donuts have a hole! The word "quiz" comes from English, meaning "questionnaire". So write quiz as in the original language. For the plural, as in French, words ending in "z" are invariable. So we write un quiz, des quiz.

What is a quiz?

A quiz is a game of questions and answers. A questionnaire to test your knowledge on a specific subject or simply for general knowledge. At Quiz Room, quizzes are played by several people around 6 podiums, in a TV-style atmosphere: everyone competes against each other and uses their joker cards to strategize and win.

Can I create a personalized quiz?

Absolutely! At Quiz Room, you have the opportunity to create your own personalized quiz. To ensure your quiz is fun, professional or entertaining, it's essential to choose a unique theme. This helps maintain coherence and ensures a seamless flow of questions. At Quiz Room, we collaborate with experts skilled in crafting engaging board games to curate the funniest and most original questions tailored to your chosen theme.

Where can I do a quiz?

Quizzes are becoming more and more widespread, and you'll find many quizzes available on the Internet or in board games. What you'll find at Quiz Room is an immersive, fun, face-to-face quiz. For over an hour, take part with a group of friends, family or colleagues, in a fully immersive setting worthy of the best TV shows.

How do I create questions for a quiz?

- Define the theme of your quiz
- Define the wording of the questions
- Define the answers proposed
- We take care of the recording by our super comedians
- All you have to do is turn up and enjoy your session.

In which language can we play the game?

- English, French, Québécois, Flemish
You can play the game according to the culture closest to yours : International, Arabic, Canadian, Belgium, Dutch, French...
Everyone can play: and remember it's more about how you play the game than what you know...

Got any cool questions in mind ?

Send us your question ideas to the Quiz Room team and our dedicated question-writing committee.

If we find your questions intriguing, we'll add our unique Quiz Room flair and include them in our question database!And if your questions make the cut, we'll thank you with free tickets to our game. It's your chance to shine and brag the next time you bring your team to play!

We can already hear you saying, Hey! I came up with that one!